You know you would like to provide a stable, happy and stimulating family-based child care experience to your child. But how do you go about choosing the right child care option?

There is so much that needs to be understood, researched, compared that it can be overwhelming. Let us help you understand what your options are.

Private (Unlicensed) Family Day Homes:

• Can provide care for up to 6 children, aged 0 to 12 years not including the family’s own children.
• Do not have regulations regarding facilities, food or activities pertaining to the children and minimum qualifications or first aid training for the provider.
• Are not inspected or monitored.
• Enforcement is complaint-based.

Regulated Family Day Homes:

• Are approved by an Agency that has a contract with the Government of Alberta to run Family Day Homes
• Can provide care up to 6 children aged 0 to 12 years, including the Educator’s own children. The limit includes maximum 3 children less than 36 months of age, of which only two can be less than 24 months.
• Educators are required to meet the Government of Alberta Standards. Standards mandate criminal record checks with vulnerable sector search for the Educator and her family, including renters/boarders living in the home; First Aid training; appropriate early childhood training and qualifications.
• Are monitored monthly for programming, nutrition, safety, quality, child and Educator interactions, child guidance, and health.
• Allow eligible families to receive Government subsidy.

Accredited Day Homes:

• Are Regulated
• Have been accredited by Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services as having standards that are above and beyond the Government of Alberta Standards.

Sonshine Family Day Homes was the first Accredited Family Day Home Agency in the Calgary region. Each of its approved Family Day Homes meets accreditation standards in health, safety, nutrition, learning and care programming. Day Home Educators have Early Childhood education and enjoy ongoing training to be able to provide quality care to children.

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