We are invested in our Educators’ success, because we know that Educators have an important role in supporting the healthy development of the children that are entrusted in their care.

Sonshine Family Day Homes agency staff works in cooperation with each Family Day Home Educator to produce an individual support and training plan that works.

Our Day Home Consultants are experienced and educated in early learning and child care. With an excellent Consultant to Educator ratio, all of our Family Day Homes Educators can expect open communication, attention to their needs and prompt support.


Here are some examples of the support Educators receive from Sonshine Family Day Homes:

  • Backup child care system administration

  • Forms, paperwork and document costs

  • Liability Insurance premiums

  • Parents Tax Receipt preparation

  • Payroll preparation costs

  • Administration of Government funds and subsidies

  • Client/Educator mediation

  • Workshops and training

  • Referrals

  • Support through program planning

  • Toys and equipment lending library


Call us at 403-705-3476 or email us to learn more about how to open a Regulated and Accredited Family Day Home in your area.

I have been with Sonshine Family Day Homes for 18 years, as a Family Day Homes Educator, Consultant, and Director.
I believe that all children have the right to quality care that provides them with the resources needed to reach their greatest potential. I believe that children should be nurtured as they learn through play.
I work for a great agency where Staff sincerely care of each Educator, child and parent. We do it because we put kids first, just like you do.
— Kim Nystrom, Sonshine Family Day Homes Director