Sonshine Family Day Homes

Accredited and Regulated Day homes in calgary 

because our children are worth it


At Sonshine Family Day Homes, we believe that all children are entitled to play, explore, learn, share and be listened to in a safe and caring environment.

As the first accredited Family Day Homes Agency in the Calgary region, we go above and beyond to ensure trustworthy, quality, well-rounded childcare. We promote learning across all developmental domains and home-based programs that are inclusive, regulated, safe and caring. Our qualified Educators offer healthy meals and snacks, daily outdoor play and limited media time.

Sonshine Family Day Homes Educators enjoy extensive support which includes training, development opportunities, back up help, financial management and a helping hand when needed.

Sonshine Family Day Homes is looking for Day Home Providers in a few neighborhoods in the South East and South West quadrants of the city. Read more


Let us help you find a child care option for your family. With up to 40 Day Homes in the city, we can offer you choices.

Do you want to know what it takes to open your own Day Home? Contact us and we will walk you through the process.

I would never attempt to be a Day Home Educator without the back-up of an Agency. I chose Sonshine Family Day Homes because of their commitment to excellence. Since I started, I have come to know and like each of the staff, and I now could never go anywhere else. It feels good to be associated with one of the best, if not THE best Agency in Calgary.
— Sonshine Family Day Homes Provider